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Established in 2001, Shanghai Huawei Water Saving Irrigation Company Ltd. is a Chinese agricultural irrigation tool manufacturer specializing in developing, producing, and marketing the drip irrigation system, sprinkling irrigation products, as well as engineering project contracting. We mainly produce products such as drip tape, arrow dripper, drip emitter, micro drip irrigation system, and impact sprinkler. We also offer irrigation system accessories such as PE pipe, compression fittings, mini valve, and more.

Technical Support Irrigation Equipment Technical Support

The wastewater spray irrigation is water saving and it is a method of sewage disposal that is combined with agricultural water. When the wastewater is sprayed in the farmland, the soil, microorganism and crops will decompose some ingredients of the sewage. Some of the ingredients will turn to water vapor spreading in to the air, yet some will be purified by the soil and permeate into the soil to be used again.

Application of Atomizing Nozzle

In iron and steel industry, it is applicable for showing high pressure waterline, preventing rust on wire stocks, phosphorus removing under high pressure, cooling steel plate and strips steel, steel plate anointment, spraying liquid medicine on steel plate, strips steel anointment before rolling, cooling profiled bar and steel pipe, steel heat treatment and quenching, mandrel lubricating and cooling, oil melting with cooing, steel cleaning in galvanized process, smelting furnace dust removing, extinguishing coke, etc.

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